Green Box Dual- Purpose LED Plant Growth Box

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Product details

product details


Green Box is designed for interior planting with exclusively developed efficient LED growing light. With double growing technology use as the unique water/soil tillage dual-use design developed for growing a wide range of greens like vegetables, herbs, flowers and more. specially combine technology with childhood education that included a sketchbook as the accessory. Children could observe changes as the seeds begin to sprout and grow over time and record their observations on it. Not only can learning about plants, children also gain skills of observations and expressions. With Green Box users can be more easily to create your own little garden in home all year round.

Green Box is a dual-purpose plant growth box which is designed for interior planting and it’s also an appropriate educational materials for children. Besides improve ability of observations and expressions, planting also teaches children about life and responsibility. Additionally, the process of gardening could be a good solution for picky eaters. Gardening indoors with Green Box is so easy and interesting that must be a memorable lesson for Children.

Differ from other hydroponics equipment, Green Box has unique water/soil tillage dual-use design, so that the user could choose growing with soil or hydroponics. In technique aspect, Green Box has fully adjustable lamp arm, built-in pump and energy-efficient LED growing light that imitating sunshine can help plants grow and make it thrive indoors. The design of LED provide the wavelength required of most plants growth, and keep the human visual comfort. This product it’s simpler and more convenient both in installation and use. The users only have to switch on the pump and the LED grow light, the plants will obtain a sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen to grow normally and a wide range of vegetables, herbs, flowers can grow well indoors. Green Box is an effective solution for indoor gardening problems.
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