LED Mini Grow Light/ Wong Mu Niang Niang-General Black Tiger Amulet

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Product details

product details


 Whether you go to a temple to pray for good weather or to ‘listen’ to the historical culture, a temple is the root of faith in a Taiwanese community. We have drawn our inspiration from Taiwan’s unique historical and cultural tradition.



    Throughout Chinese history, the tiger has incited a sense of both awe and admiration. The tiger is full of life and embodies the spirit and drive to achieve and make progress.

    The God of Wealth, the deified Marshal Chao Gongming, is depicted riding a black tiger and holding a silver ingot.

This represents the General Black Tiger who accompanies Marshal Chao Gong-Ming and protects believers. In traditional stories, a tiger, phoenix or dragon will walk first in order to clear the path of bad ideas or wrong doers. This tiger is also thought to protect believers from dishonest people and help you to make progress in your chosen career.



General Black Tiger's Amulet

    We have taken time to create a detailed charm of the General Black Tiger made with fragranced resin for you to carry in your wallet or purse. The complicated process involves printing, hand spraying, baking and inspection. Our focus on the small details of the charm shows how important it is to pay attention to all areas of our lives. This charm is believed to help people be safe and to make financial progress.


Charity Goods

The Mu Niang temple has kindly given permission to Fescl to use the images and represent the temple in this garden kit. As a gesture of appreciation, 10% of the profit from each kit sold will be donated to local charities and the Mu Niang temple. The amounts and details will be shown on our facebook page.  




Exclusive Features: 

• Our LED light makes it easier to grow healthy plants indoors

• Simple to build-no glue or scissors necessary

• A fun DIY project for all ages and abilities

• Makes a great, long lasting gift

• Can connect to a Power bank, Laptop computer or USB cable

• A cute and fun way to brighten up a workspace

• Recommended age: 6-99



Material: Paper

Light Source: LED

Input: DC5V

Current: 1A~1.5A 

Watt: 2.5W

Size: 190 x 150 x 180 (mm) 

Weight: 68g


● Please allow for some variation in color as displayed on different devices and screens. Actual colors may vary.

● Made from cardstock paper. Protrusion of the base, bending, scrat Made from cardstock paper. Protrusion of the base, bending, scratches, or other wear and tear resulting from personal use are all considered normal.ches, or other wear and tear resulting from personal use are all considered normal.

● Warranty period: 6 months as of the purchase date 

We provide repair service free of charge but such service will be limited to normal use only. Any damage caused by misuse of users shall not be covered by the warranty hereof.


Made in Taiwan

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