| Green Box Q&A |

Q1: How many hours should the LED light turn on per day?
A1: About 12-14 hours. You can set a timer to control the exposure time.

Q2: Can I eat the vegetable what I plant by Green Box, or it can only for ornamental?
A2: Of course you can eat the vegetables. It’s fresh, clean, and nontoxic that eating what you plant.

Q3: When should I add water, and how much the quantity?
A3: Check the water level once a week to make sure plants have enough water. The water level do not over the flash hole’s bottom (water height is about 4cm), too much water will probably damage the pump.

Q4: Why is the plant not healthy and the leaves turning yellow?
A4: Possible causes include: lack of light, malnutrition, unventilated. You can increase the exposure time (12-14 hours/day), add more fertilizer, and trim plants if they’re too luxuriant.

Q5: How long can I harvest the vegetables?
A5: Lettuce takes about a month, Tomato and Chilli are about 3 months from seed to fruits.

Q6: When does the plant need to trim?
A6: As the plant grows luxuriantly, cut 2-3 nodes from terminal bud, and pick off the old leaves to keep ventilated.

Q7: How often should I water the plants if I use soil cultivation on Green Box?
A7: Pouring 100-200 c.c. water when you every watering. Water shouldn’t be too much. We suggest that succulents could be watered once every 2-3 weeks, and the other plants (therophytes or vegetables) once every three days.

Q8: What is insect pest?
A8: Insect pest means insects feeding on plants that cause plants unhealthy and grow not well. You can spray diluted chilli or neem oil on the back of leaves to control insect pest.

Q9: How long is the service life of the LED light board?
A9: Under normal usage, we suggest to change LED light board around every 3 years. It’s normal phenomenon that LED light will luminous decay due to long-term use.

Q10: Will the motor break if it works continuously? Is it under normal circumstance when the motor has loud sounds?
A10: The motor automatically pumps ten minutes every four hours. Under normal usage, the motor would not break. In order to grow the plants, the motor is necessary to work with enough horsepower.

Q11: I accidently sprayed water on the LED light, would that have any effect? How to wipe it dry? A11: You can just let the LED light air-dry. It might damage if you touch the LED light directly.

Q12: What can I do if the LED light broken or I have other questions?
A12: Please contact us by email (service@fresco.com.tw).